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No, this is not about “new math” – I’m writing to inform you that I have two additions to my home.  Two lovely plants (well, four, actually, but three of them are the same type of plant and are now in the same pot, so I’m treating them as one “unit”) – introducing the flowering kalanchoe, one red, one orange and one pink, and a pothos (very heardy, I’m told, and hopefully difficult to kill).

Now the trick will be to keep them alive.  So in order to facilitate the prudent watering of the plants, I will take pictures every Monday and post them here….just so that you all know whether or not I am keeping up with my “green” commitment.


And, lastly, I have a confession for today.  I went and saw a movie yesterday. *guilt* Even though I had not finished my homework, and even though I felt completely overwhelmed, I did it anyway.  There, I’ve confessed it, now I can move on.  Lee Ann and I watched Avatar in 3D and I must say that it was an excellent movie.  I was afraid that the 3Dness would be obnoxious, but it wasn’t – it was simply there to provide a depth to the movie, and it enhanced it nicely.  *sigh*  Okay, I feel better now.  Now I just need to get back to work.



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  1. Tip from a veteran plant mom: Buy terracotta pots (cheapo ones are fine). Transplant your plants into them. Buy plastic saucers (I prefer the rigid sort with little bumps so that they don’t make too much contact with the furniture). Water INTO THE SAUCER ONLY. Do not add more water till the saucer is bone dry. The terracotta pot retains some water that the plant will be using.

    Once the weather warms up to 50 degrees at night, move plants outside to a shady spot and water daily. Sun-loving plants can be moved to a sunnier position after about three weeks, but may suffer some leafburn. Move plants back inside when nighttime temps drop below 50 in the fall, but make sure you spray them with natural insecticide the day before.

    This will give you big healthy plants! I can’t follow my own advice about the shady spot because I don’t have one that’s deerproof, so I always lose a few leaves to sunburn but new ones grow in extremely fast.

    1. So, Jane, you don’t like the pot that I purchased for the kalanchoe? It has a plastic liner and the lady at the plant store said to water it about twice a week. And the soil retains some water…so okay. Where to purchase said terra cotta pots? They didn’t really have any at Pasquesi.

  2. Pasquesi’s a bit expensive… I’m serious about cheap terracotta, although if you DO come across pretty ones that aren’t too expensive then go for it. Places like Lowe’s or Home Depot usually have the goods. Target is often a source of good finds (and had nice plastic saucers last time I looked). I like Chalet in Wilmette for pots, too: field trip!

    Even the cheapest orangey terracotta starts to look pretty good after it’s been outside a summer or two. All of my pots are stained and encrusted in ways that you’d probably have to pay scads of $$$ for, thanks to the natural action of the winds and weather. I also get impatiens popping up in my orchid pots and there is an oak sapling in my philodendron…

  3. The one you call a pothos I have always called a philodendron. I have one in my office now that used to live in my office at Lake Forest and before that in my office at Northwestern. It was bequeathed to me by a co-worker who moved to Colorado. A very hardy plant. Definitely a shade-lover. You remember my office at Lake Forest, the tiny window. It did fine there year-round. Doesn’t seem to mind overwatering, but you will get little mites that breed in the soil if you keep it too wet. If you don’t keep it wet enough, leaves will start turning yellow. Just one or two at first, so if you see that, just start watering a little more often. It tends to grow long strings of leaves, so I “prune” mine. Every year I cut all the stems back so nothing hangs over the edge of the pot. That keeps it nice and bushy.

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