Have you ever had an experience where you’ve witnessed something, or received something, or did something that was so stinking absurd that all you could do is laugh uncontrollably?

So get this.  I used to subscribe to a video podcast about world cities.  It was a well produced podcast, lasted only 7-10 minutes and was somewhat interesting.  The problem that I ended up having with it was that it focused entirely on the high-end traveller, and well, let’s face it: I’ll never be a high-end traveller.  So I unsubscribed.  But not before I got curious at the producer’s product.  The producer was a “Fine Swiss Watchmaker company called Carl. F. Bucherer.  Little know fact about me – I love watches.  So I was curious.  And guess what?  They were having a contest – so I entered.  Now keep in mind that these watches range from $10,000 to $150,000 – completely, and in all other respects, out of my price range.  It was a whim.  I did this about a year ago and then promptly forgot about the whole thing.

Fast forward until Thursday.  I had received a mail pickup notice from my post office on Wednesday – from someone named Carl.  Name didn’t register at all and this piqued my curiosity.  So Thursday morning I took the little slip of paper to the post office and ended up having to pay – yes PAY – the remaining postage of $2.77.  Even had to go back out to the car because I didn’t have enough cash on me.  So anyway, after paying the postage I’m handed a very thick envelope….from, you guessed it, the Carl F. Bucherer company.

Dudes, they sent me their catalog.  Their catalog of $150,000 watches.  And I ended up having to PAY $2.77 in postage just to pick up the package.

Ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah.

Yes, that’s me laughing histerically at the absurdity of it all.

(Just in case you’re wondering, they sent the catalog to my old apartment, which forwarded it to my old PO box who then forwarded it on to my new address.  I guess all that forwarding cost money.)


4 thoughts on “absurdity

  1. That’s OK–just laugh histerically. Just DON’T EVEN begin to think that it’s time to replace your old Soviet Army watch! No, no, no, just don’t do it!

    1. Mom, sadly that old watch has worn out. The winding mechanism won’t hold a coil (charge) and so it doesn’t work any more. Plus I lost the little windy-up arm at the beach in Lake Forest… And, you know that waterproof watch I purchased at Belks a few years ago when you were with me? The little thing that holds the strap down after it is buckled has broken (I’ve taped it up, though, with some lovely blue painter’s tape) and the actual band is about to break (again, blue painter’s tape). So it might actually be about time to think about a new watch. But I DO PROMISE you that I WILL NOT buy a Carl F. Bucherer watch. Birthday…coming…up…soon…..!

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