not any closer

I’m not really any closer to getting a closing date for the house. *sigh*  My lawyer’s office left a message yesterday saying that the seller’s lawyer was having a small problem contacting the seller’s lender.  Don’t know if that is good or not..but it is what it is.

So, in other news, I just finished listening to an audio book that really was fantastic.  I would highly recommend this book (either in written form or in audio form).  I mistakenly downloaded the second book to listen to first, and while I had no problems with the context and situation of the 2 main characters, it would have helped a little to have read the first book first.

Here are the books in order:


I listened to the 2nd one, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and found the story quite compelling.  I’ll even admit to a gasp or two at certain spots and some verbal proclamations, which if anyone had heard me would have thought I was crazy, but that is the price of living alone sometimes, I suppose.  Anyway, these come highly recommended.

I’ve been dreaming about the house again and all the things I would like to do.  This is potentially dangerous ground for me because the sale is still not guaranteed.  However, I don’t see how I can live in a place and not day dream about it.  The one area that really needs work is the bathroom.  The current owner retiled the floor and put in a new vanity, but didn’t do much else.  There are some really old, plastic-y (and tacky) tiles stuck to the wall – seriously, they are stick-on tiles – that WILL be replaced, preferably with subway tiles.  Then there is the issue of the window.  There is a full-sized window right in the middle of the wall, complete with all the original wood trim and everything.  The problem with the wood trim is that it is not water-proofed.  To get around this challenge, the current owner fashioned a shower curtain into a window curtain.  Now, this works to a degree.  The real problem comes when trying to take a shower and there is a little breeze going and the window curtain starts to sway…and stick to you.  The tub is rather narrow, so you have to stand close to the window…and, well, it just doesn’t work for me.  So that will be one of the first major enhancements I plan on making….later down the road after I save up for it, of course.

*updated to add*
Kate: I’m glad that you finally exited the movie, and if you had asked, I would have said, “duh” about the yarn amount.  Glad you didn’t ask.


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