not like watching the movies

I have a friend, Kate, who is stuck in her own rendition of Groundhog Day.  What you have to know is that Kate is an excellent knitter.  She has been knitting since she was, like, 2, and can whip up things that I could only dream of.  She created 2 golf club covers for her husband just off the top of her head – one lamb and one bear.  Amazing.  (BTW, her last name is lamb-bear (t) so it was a kind of pun…but it worked and he is happy and many people oogle them, including me even though I don’t golf.) With that said, how do you help a friend out of a movie?  I wish I could offer sage advice and zap her back.  (I do have to admit that really deep down, some sort of wicked sinister person in me, and I mean absolutely no disrespect to Kate, but I like seeing experienced knitters with problems.  It makes me feel a little less inept.  Just a little, though, ’cause Kate could knit circles and circles around me and while in her sleep and standing on her head with one arm tied behind her back.  Seriously, she is that good.)

I am also re-listening to an audio book (getting my money’s worth, thank you very much) and while I really love listening to audio books, something that I have done for nearly 15 years, there is no substitute for movies.  I love a good movie, whether made in 1940 or 2010, a good movie can transport me someplace new for a few hours like nothing else.  One of the *coolest* things about Waukegan is the revival of the Genessee Theater.  And, they have begun to play old movies in there.  Guess what’s playing this weekend?  North By Northwest with Cary Grant.  Oh what a heart throb he was!  Guess where I’ll be on Friday evening!

I am also collecting audio books for my wonderful, long, 9-state road trip coming up in March.  I plan on renting a car, driving to Louisiana (4 states), spend a few days, then drive to Atlanta (3 states but 2 new ones), spend a few days and then driving back to Illinois (3 states).  14 hours, 8 hours, 11 hours.  Total audio bliss, if you ask me.


5 thoughts on “not like watching the movies

  1. Okay, here’s one that does go with this post. I recommend an audio book called “The Bookman’s Wake”. It’s fantastic. There’s a whole series of books with the same lead character, and they’re all worth reading, but this one is the best. And you don’t have to read them in any special order. Peter and I listened to it on a Christmas trip from Chicago to Maryland one year, and yep, it was one of those that makes you pull into the restaurant because you’re starving and have to pee like no tomorrow, and yet you sit in the car and listen until you get to the end of the chapter. It’s just that good. We had it from the Evanston Library. If your trip is short enough that you can get it back on time, they’re a great source.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, BlondKnitter, and you may be interested to know that I conquered the cast on, only to realize 5 inches in that I’m going to need more yarn. When you increase the size of a project, apparently you increase the amount of yarn needed significantly…I’m a total knitiot on this one, it seems!

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