I was digging through my “stash” (collection of yarn for those of you non-knitting readers out there) this weekend and found a skein (aka, a ball of yarn) that is bright, variegated, multi-colored sock yarn that I believe will make just the right next pair of socks.  I will, however, have to take the socks that I started a month ago off the needles.  Don’t be too sad for them – I didn’t really like the yarn, so it will become a gift (KATE!) and I hadn’t gotten very far with the cast on, so there is really no time lost.

I also found a shawl pattern that interested me a few years ago, so I think I’m going to start shopping for yarn for it.  (Did I say shopping?  Didn’t mean to.  I meant…waiting.  Or, um, looking for yarn in my stash….yeah, that’s what I meant….)  I also found my first attempted shrug with a complicated cable pattern that I totally mucked up and now I’m thinking that I want to frog it and re-do it properly.

I also found the sock yarn that I was making this little heart satchel thingie for Lori, so I think it is time to revive that project – I just need to find my size 0 DPN (double-pointed-needles….)

Whew!  I guess you could say that inspiration struck!


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  1. K1Frog2 says:

    It’s the new year. It made me want to “clear the decks”, so to speak, too. And of course I’ll always take sock yarn off your hands!

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