….the end and other things

My Mom has been waiting for this final up date as to the flood conditions for over a week…rather anxious she has been. So much so that in the last four conversations I’ve had with her she has mentioned my lack of blogging. Well. Humph.

S and M (the current owner, S, and her husband, M) have been truly gracious and expedient with getting the repairs done. The culprit was a collapsed sewer pipe that connected to the house sewer line. Unfortunately, it was a pipe on the property of the house, so it had to be repaired at the expense of the homeowners, in this case S & M. They did so willingly and expediently, even replacing the hot water heater, and I am now comfy and cozy back in my house. Yey!

Also, progress is being made with the sale of the home. There will be an appraiser from S’s bank at the house tomorrow – one more step forward. Maybe, just maybe there will be a date set for the closing soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

In the mean time, I’m having a hard time focusing on knitting. (*collective gasp*) I spent an average of 2.5 hours a day riding trains last week and every single day I forgot entirely to take my knitting with me. Totally forgot on Monday, totally forgot on Tuesday, totally forgot on Wednesday, totally forgot on Thursday (although I did actually think about knitting during the day and the fact that I was missing a prime opportunity to knit on the train) and then I totally forgot on Friday. So much for free time.

I do need to mention one blessing that happened last week, though. In the future you will be likely to read about my on-going struggles with my neighbor, Randy, and his dogs that poop in my yard. I have tentative plans for a fence, but until then, there will be poop discussed liberally on this blog, I’m afraid. Anyway, Randy has a mega snow blower and had been consistently doing the sidewalk along the street every time it has snowed. Between Thursday and Friday last week we must have had at least 6 inches of snow, most of it Thursday night. I got up on Friday at 5:30 AM to shovel the back sidewalk to the garage, the sidewalk along the side of my house and the one leading from the main sidewalk up to my front door, including the steps. I did not do the driveway and Camille valiantly made it though the snow. When I got home on Friday, Randy had snow blowed my driveway for me. I can’t tell you what a blessing that was!


3 thoughts on “….the end and other things

  1. Hooray for chivalrous neighbors and their snow blowers! Serious, I could overlook a lot of poop for that alone…

  2. My sense of cosmic justice has me imagining him snowblowing some of his own dog’s poop onto his car or something like that…. Poop being rather earthy, though, I guess it wouldn’t really work like that. Darn.

  3. Thank you,even though I didn’t get to it until Monday. Maybe you could snowblow some snow mixed in with poop back onto his yard!

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