a true story

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a little girl who lived a happy life.  (She was little in stature and but not age.)  The little girl had many wonderful friends, a great church, loved her job and even loved to go to graduate school.  Life was good.  Life was so good that one day she decided to buy a house.  Her Dad was not happy.  He thought that home ownership would be too hard on the little girl, but she was very stubborn and determined.

Fortunately for her the economy started to go bad just when she started looking, so houses became affordable.  After looking at many, many houses, the little girl found the perfect house.  It was cute, affordable and small – just big enough for her to live comfortably.  She made an offer on the house but the bank frowned and said “this is going to take a while”.  So the little girl decided to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Finally, after much patience (the little girl had a lot of patience) and waiting, the little girl decided that she couldn’t wait any more.  Fortunately the owner of the house had an idea and said, “hey, why don’t you just move in and live there while you are waiting!”  The little girl was once again very happy.  And once again her Dad was not.  “I’m not sure you want to do this!”, he said, but of course the little girl was still very stubborn and decided to do it anyway.

So she moved in.

And life was good once again.


Until she came home from visiting friends and discovered a lake in her basement.  “See there!”, said her Dad.  “I knew this wasn’t a great idea!”  But the little girl just smiled and thought to herself, “Be quiet, Dad.  You’re not helping matters much.”  (She was too polite to say this to her Dad.)

As it turned out, water had started coming into the basement from the drain pipe and no one could figure out why.  It wasn’t nasty water, thank goodness, but it was cold and wet.  The plumber man that came out to the house ran a snake down the drain and said that there was a blockage 45 feet down the line, but he didn’t know why.  So the plumber man was going to go back the next day and run a camera down the drain to see what the blockage was.  That is good.  Meanwhile, water is still coming up the drain, which is bad.  But the owners of the house decided to stay and make sure that water got pumped out, which is good.

Meanwhile, the little girl had to move out of her house.  There was no hot water because the hot water heater broke in the flood, and the toilet couldn’t be flushed because that caused the water to come up faster even though the water in the basement wasn’t nasty water.

All-in-all the little girl was okay.  The owners of the house were taking responsibility.  The house was getting fixed.  And the little girl was safe and warm.

–to be continued.

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