not last night

Not last night but the night before
Two good friends came knocking on my door.
Karla and Jackie wanted to see the new house
And because I don’t have TV it was quiet as a mouse.

Karla and Jackie walked around inspecting
And exlaimed: “This is exactly what we were expecting!
It is small and cute and exactly what you need,
Hey, you need to show us around – take us, you lead!”

We walked to the kitchen and on to the bath
Karla took measurements and did some math.
We went into the basement and saw the octopus
Jackie exlaimed, “Ak! That thing is bigger than us!”

Then we went into the office where I store all my books
And all my yarn and needles and hooks.
Karla proclaimed “My, you must really like to read,
But we should get rid of the things you don’t need.”

Then they said good bye and I let them out the door
And when I turned around the it wouldn’t open any more.
So I walked around the house trying to get in
When I discovered a window that wasn’t quite pinned.

The moral of the story is: don’t close the door behind
because you may get locked out and feel a bit maligned.
So here’s a bit of advice, and it is really prfound,
Always, always, always have a spare key lying around!


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