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Now that my second final is over (turned it in at 9AM this morning, thank you very much) I can once again join life in real time.  So how am I spending it, you might wonder?  By updating you, of course, my faithful readers.  I have some eye candy for you today.

Aparently during last weekend when I really, really needed to focus my time and energy on studying, I finished two projects.  First up, the faithful mittens, seen here on one of my lovely new dining room chairs.


Aren’t they cute?  Very colorful and fun.  The thumbs are a little squared but I should say that my first attempt at kitchener stitch as very successful.  It was actually very easy, much easier than I had expected.  Kate emailed me some directions and I watched a video and it all made complete sense.  For those of you non knitting people, kitchener stitch is where you join 2 pieces of knitted material so that it looks like one completely knitted piece.  Which means that you have to weave some yarn in and out of the loops of the 2 pieces in such a way that it mimics actual knitting.  Cool, eh?

Now for the surprise.  I found these lurking in my new china cabinet.  May I present some chunky socks?


Very warm and fuzzy.  Great bed socks.  These were knit in practically no time at all on size 13 needles.  (My first real pair of socks that I finished a few months ago were knit on size 2 needles, just for comparison.)

Now I just need to find a new knitting project. Hm….what shall I do? 

Oh, and I need to show you the first two lovely housewarming gifts that I have received.  First up is Jane’s little suprise.  She came over and presented me with the lovely 6-piece place setting of dishes and a wonderful glass 3-tiered display thing.


Seen here modelled on my new lovely buffet. And here is Kristin’s gift of some soup bowls and some different soups, pictured again on my new buffet.


I love that wooden spoon and have become quite attached to it.  I now use it to make oatmeal or grits in the morning.  THANK YOU JANE AND KRIS!


2 thoughts on “back in real time

  1. You’re welcome… it’s very nice of you to display them on your blog. Your mittens, by the way, are made with such a lovely yarn that I think we need the link to it! It’s even prettier in “real life” than in the picture.

    Kudos for mastering Kitchener stitch – I get to have my first try on my current project, a shawl knitted from the bottom to the nape – the top edge has to be joined. But first I have to knit another what seems like 1,000 nupps.

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