In an attempt to become financially sound, I have worked hard to pay off all my credit debt – which as of last month I did.  Or so I thought.  I missed the balance of my BOA card by 82 cents.  So I received a bill this month in my online bill pay thing for 82 cents.  Except that when I went to pay it, I was not allowed to pay less than $1.  So I paid the $1 and now the credit card owes me 18 cents.  Now that is ka-razy I tell you, just crazy.

In other news, my garage is working fine.  I decided to start parking in the garage after last week’s little “dusting” of snow which surprised me last Friday morning.  And while I was out there brusing off my car and warming it up, I thought “why am I doing this when I have a garage?”.  So now I am totally prepared for the 4-6 inches the weathermen up here think we’re going to get tomorrow night.

And in still other news, I had my first “official” house guest on Saturday.  Jane stopped by and brought me a little gift – wasn’t that sweet of her?  I’ll post a picture of it tomorrow, but she bought a 6-piece place setting for me – dinner plates, salad plates and bowls to match, along with a nice glass 3-tiered display thingie that is looking really good on the buffet in my kitchen holding fruit.  Except that I should be eating the fruit and not looking at it, but at least I have the fruit, right?

And in other, other, other news I am about to have a crazy-busy 2 weeks trying to finish both classes.  Between now and Dec. 17 here is my task list for school: quiz in greek tomorrow, 1-page summary paper due in greek tomorrow, 12-page personal doctrinal statement due in Polity, last review homework for greek, greek final and Polity final.  Plus normal work and hopefully at some point in there I would like to sleep.  So, aside from the picture tomorrow, I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging.  Sorry.