a prolonged silence

My, my, my, oh how time flies.  It has been several event-filled weeks since my last confessional blog entry.  And not all of them good so I’ll pass over the bad things.

My youngest niece was Christened/Baptized/Dedicated the weekend before Thanksgiving, so I went down to Atlanta for that.  It was an all too brief trip, but a good one.  Jude’s parents and oldest sister were there as well and we all celebrated Thanksgiving dinner together on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Gabby is 15 months old and seriously wants to do everything that Olivia does…much to the annoyance of the older sister (I totally know how that feels!), but they get along okay so far.  Perhaps a little jealousy on Olivia’s part for having to share people with Gabby, but that is to be expected.

Following that wonderful weekend I moved into…wait for it…my house.  Yes – the abode that will eventually fall under my complete ownership.  It is a lovely little one-story house that was built in 1929.  All hard wood floors (except kitchen and bath), a full and partially finished basement, and a detached garage.  It comes with all needed appliances (new fridge and stove, ancient washer and dryer, but at least they still work), and even a snow blower thrown in.   The really cool thing about the house is the furnace: it is a gravity furnace and it looks like an octopus.  (Now you know why I’ve been calling it the Octopus House).  It works on the simple principle that hot air rises and cool air falls, and lets just say that it works like a charm.  On the day in which the house officially becomes mine, I will christen it with a name, one that will hopefully reflect the octopus in the basement.  I’ve tried to think of some fictional octopus characters but am coming up with nothing.  Any ideas?  Name suggestions?

I’m sure that I don’t have to tell any of you this, but moving is tough.  The day that we moved all the furniture and boxes I was completely exhausted.  And in the days following I still haven’t caught my breath.  I do, however, now have a dining room set, thanks to Michael and Lori.  I now have a table with 6 chairs, a china cabinet (now if I had some china to put in it), a buffet that is nicely situated in the kitchen and providing some much needed surface area, and lastly a “serving table” on rollers that is my make-believe-movable-and-expandable kitchen island.  Only about half of the boxes are unpacked and will probably stay this way until after finals.  (My only wish is to find my wooden spoons, but that is another story.)

Living in a house is going to take some getting used to.  There are all sorts of creaks and pops and noises that are foreign to me.  There is also the silence factor – not having a TV or working radio (at the moment), the house is completely silent, which is a nice change.  I’m just not used to all the quiet…and I’ve actually gotten some much needed studying done.

I’ve already made one minor improvement.  The bathroom has a nice full-sized window replete with full window frame and everything.  The previous (current) owner made a curtain out of a shower curtain (it fits my color scheme nicely, btw), but it was getting in my way.  The tub is a little too narrow for my taste, but the problem was that the window curtain was getting stuck to me every time I moved while taking a shower.  So I nailed it down.  Problem solved!

Now I just have to deal with the neighbor’s dogs pooping in my yard…don’t want to cause a rukus my first month there…but seriously, I also hate stepping in dog poop.