I'm afraid, I'm totally afraid

Well, the time has come for me to move (that’s M-O-V-E) into a house – MY house.  And now I’m petrified almost to the point of paralysis.  Me – a home owner?  Never in a million years did I see this one coming (well, prior to 7 months ago, that is).  I’m moving into my HOUSE next week.  MY house.  My HOUSE.  I’m terrified almost to the point of becoming a blabbering, non-sensical fool.  WILL SOMEONE PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING?  HOW COULD YOU LET ME DO THIS?  ME? A HOMEOWNER?

(**deep breath**)

(**deep breath**) (Repeat)

I may need a brown paper bag.  Anyone?


3 thoughts on “I'm afraid, I'm totally afraid

  1. Relax. Breathe quick, shallow breaths and exhale deeply. It’ll be okay. This is what lawyers are for. Let them do the worrying. By the way, it’s okay to move in in your mind now…

  2. In your mind you’ll still be a renter for a while, except with this really big rent bill every month. And some other new expenses. Then it will hit you — it’s MINE! If I want to rip out all the walls (well, except the load-bearing ones) and paint it all with indigo flocked paint, I can! It’s wildly liberating, even if you never do it. And then somewhere down the road you’ll have to make the ultimate grown-up decision: whether to update / renovate to improve your resale value or go the lazy route and let it become a fixer-upper. It’s a home, but it’s also an investment! OMG!

    But when you ultimately sell it you’ll complete the experience. Who knew our dinky little townhouse in Evanston almost doubled in value in the 10 years we owned it? I’ll tell you, holding a check for almost $100,000 in your hand is quite a charge.

    Ah, yes, it’s a trip, you’ll love it!

  3. In six months’ time you’ll be laughing at this fear. And you’ll have a house. So just calm down and get on with your packing or whatever has to be done.

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