Decisions in the potty

or…   The New Fangeled Bathroom

I got back from my little two day excursion from Detroit today…and boy-oh-boy was it a little adventure.  First, I left class early so that I could get an early start out – that is a very important thing to do seeing as I was going to have to drive through or past downtown Chicago.  I left Trinity at 4:15 PM, and based on the somewhat forceful recommendations of several class members decided to drive the I294 route down to Indiana instead of the more direct I-94 route.  On a good day, barring any accidents, that trim should take (going to the I-294 route) a little more than an hour – somewhere around 1:15.  It took me two hours and forty minutes.  From there traffic was a breeze, but I still didn’t get into the hotel in Livonia until 11:30 Central time (12:30 Detroit time).  I stayed in a very cheap hotel and I have to say that with cheapness comes….issues.  I will leave the hotel unnamed, but let’s be polite and just say that it was skanky.  I think that is descriptive enough.

I slept fitfully and woke up with a really, really bad sinus headach…so I opted for the pharmacy over breakfast, bought some medicine and headed over for the conference.  Aside from parking in the wrong lot, and fighting the sinus headache and hunger, the conference was really good.  I connected with some people and learned some new things – both of which are good.  The conference was held at Madonna University in Livonia.  The campus was nice and the grounds were nice fall-colorey.  They just opened a new building this fall and some of our sessions were in the new building.  Can we just say…awsome?  They did a really, really nice job on the building.  It was built “green”, using lots of sustainable resources and seemed very functional and well decorated.  Even the bathrooms were high-tech.  There, in the bathroom, I encountered this sign:


And it was placed here….


So now it looks like the future of bathrooms is going to cause you to have to make a decision: are you an up-flusher or a down-flusher?

The other interesting thing I encountered were these:


Two of the Big 3:  Ford and GM.  I’m thinking Chrysler also had a plant nearby, but I didn’t see it.  So on the drive home I decided to conduct a little informal poll:  how many cars in the Big-Three Land were of Big Three descent.  Answer: roughly 2/3.  Interesting.

The final item of interest that I encountered was this:


The likes of which I haven’t seen since I was a little child…oh the excitement this elicited!  (Unfortunately the food was a little greasy and gave me heartburn at 2 AM, but I don’t regret eating dinner there…if only to know that the Big Boy still exists.)

Well, that was my Thursday and Friday…there is more to come about my Saturday adventure…so stay tuned!


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