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Someone once told me that if you can imagine yourself doing anything other than programming then programming is not the profession for you.  Happy to say that my job is the absolutely the right profession for me, because if I were to ever change jobs and, say, be a blog writer, then I would fail miserably because I can’t seem to remember to write all that often.  But I’m writing now, and that’s all that counts….right?  Here’s a few updates and some pictures.

They are finished!  Yey!  I’ve even worn them once…and boy did they feel good.  Nice and warm and squishy.  Here is what they looked like the day I cast them on the needles.

Yup, them those there are me two pairs of socks.  This was in February of 2008.  Here is what they looked like in June when I met the Yarn Harlot.

Well, here is what they look like now:

Quite a difference, eh?  I’m just really, really glad that they are finished!  Now I’m trying to finish up those darn mittens…if it weren’t for that thumb hole I’d be all set.

And just for the fun of it, here is a photo of some mums that I (yes, I) planted last year out the back door of the Library.  They’re still alive!


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