in other knitterly news

I am going to finish my socks this weekend.  I know, I know, you’ve heard this before.  And it has only taken me, what, 18 months to get this far?  Well, it will happen this weekend.  It is getting mighty cold around here and it is time I had me some nice, merino wool, self striping, hand knitted socks!  Also, good news – I found my mittens!  They weren’t packed away after all…they were lounging on a shelf in my office, snuggled way back so I almost couldn’t see them.  So after I finish the socks this weekend, I will pick up the mittens again and work on those – now that Kate has figured out how to do the thumb.  (I was really waiting for Kate in the first place, since I couldn’t seem to get the thumb idea through my head and I knew if I waited long enough she would say, “Well darn it Tonja, its not all that hard.  Let me knit a pair of complicated colorwork mittens just to show you how to do the thumb.  Which she, being of excellent knitterly mind, did.  Thank you, Kate!)  Now, when I have finished covering my hands and my feet with knitted coziness, I am going to cast on for Kristin’s blanket.  Ahhh….this will be a pleasure to knit during the winter, I assure you!

Well, there you have it.  My knitting in a nutshell.  Carry on with your lives.


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