the eternal homeless challenge

I’ve been homeless now for 2 months and have roughly 2 more months to go before something is finalized with the house situation.  All-in-all I don’t mind this one bit: it gives me some freedom that I haven’t had for a while and it affords me the opportunity to put lots and lots of trust in God.  (Don’t worry, I’m not going to wax all philosophical on you…)  It has also given me the chance to really discover some things about myself that I’m not sure I knew before.

  1. I am not a dog person.  There, I said it, please don’t be offended.  I mean no offense to those of you who are defotees of dogs and have one ore more of them.  Now, please understand that I am in NO way saying that I don’t like dogs, quite the contrary, but I’m just not cut out to be a dog owner.
  2. I really, really like the comfort and feeling of a well-lived in house.  Not a messy house, but one that has life going on inside of it.  The kind of house where you know that you can always kick off your shoes and be happy.  Comfortable.  Home.  This is what I aspire to as a homeowner.
  3. I am very disorganized.  (Okay Mom and Dad, please don’t keel over in shock because I’m admitting this!)  I love the idea of organization and totally admire it, but when it comes to DOING it, well, somehow it eludes me.  This is something that I want to change.
  4. On that note, all the things that I had planned on keeping “available” during my homelessness, in particular “cold” clothes, are not available.  They are in a box, clearly labeled, and lounging somewhere in the back of my storage unit.  Completely not in a position where they could be useful.  This needs to change.
  5. Budgeting is not as hard as I have always imagined it being, nor has it been as depressing or confining.  It is rather a good feeling to know that everything that needs to be paid has been allocated their funds, and that I have x amount of money put in envelopes (electronic envelopes, not real ones) and that there are spending limits on each category.  I’ve found that I have the tremendous will power to scrimp on certain things so that I can put more money towards things like…debt.  As a result, my credit score has gone up roughly 28 points in 6 months.  WOOHOO!
  6. Since I can’t carry around my plethora of current knitting projects, it has forced me to finish some old ones.  This is good, but now I find myself dreaming about all the projects that are locked up in a dark and lonely storage unit.  I feel so sad for them…and I want to touch them and snuggle with them.  I even want to work on them.  *sigh*  This means that I’m a hopeless knitter, doesn’t it?

Well, there you have it.  I’ve made an offer on the Octopus house and since it is going into a short sale, the bank has to put their stamp of approval on it.  Which means another waiting game, hopefully with a better outcome.  The tentative closing date is November 24th.  Just a mere 6 days shy of the “deadline”.  Let’s hope it happens this time.


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