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I’m back from vacation and sinking in work right now.  I have a few too many projects, but at least they are keeping me busy – I really hate being idle.  Vacation was really nice: I went to bed late, woke up late, took frequent naps and played with the nieces.  I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation.  Well….except that my parent’s house decided to kill all the major appliances while I was there.  They had to replace 2 hot water heaters and a fridge. (And they tried to blame it on me…but I know their tactics and wouldn’t let the blame stick to me.)

The great news, as I found out on Tuesday, is that my 4-year-old niece, Olivia, has decided to build a rocket ship and is going to allow me to be on it.  Whew!  I was very happy to hear this.

Class is going hot and heavy right now and we’ve only had 2 classes.  I believe I passed my first quiz, but I won’t know for sure until Tuesday night.  I’m currently in the middle of memorizing 4 paradigm charts, which is ALWAYS fun.  Believe you me.

*sigh*  What else?  Oh, I’m going to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival tomorrow with Kate, Kate’s daughter Megan, and Jane.  It should be a lovely day – perfect weather and lots of yarn.  Who could ask for more?  I ran sound for an event at church a few weeks ago, for which I was paid, and I received the check yesterday.  So now I have “spending money”.  Yipee!  (Dad, if you are reading this post: yes, I will probably spend money on yarn, yes, probably yarn that I don’t “need”, but I took on the few weddings and events at church precisely so that I could have a little extra spending money for superfluous things like this.  I still have a budget, I’m still in my budget, and I’m not feeling guilty about this.)

Oh – and because I know that most of you are wondering: no news about the house yet.  I knew that this could be a long process, and I’m expecting it to take a few more weeks.  I will be going to look at a few more houses on Monday, so maybe one of those will merit an offer as well.


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