Hi. My name is Tonja…

and I’m a FarmTown-aholic.  It began about a month ago.  A simple little Facebook game – one that I could share with some friends.  But then it became too much for me.  The pressure to expand, to earn points, to work on other people’s farms – has become too much.  I started playing in the morning before work, then started playing during my lunch hour (except for Tuesdays, my knitting days, because nothing – not even FarmTown can usurp knitting….yet) and this week expanded to after work as well.  Last night I hit rock bottom.  I planted a crop that peaked at 6 PM and then had a 4 hour harvesting time….and I forgot to harvest…..until after 10 when I went to bed.  I didn’t even think twice: I got up, out of bed, and harvested my grapes field (I did manage to harvest them on time, thankfully).  The same nearly happened tonight.  I’m out of control and I don’t know how to stop.

I have to also admit that I’ve even had dreams (for real) about how inadequate my farm is compared to some of my friends.  This may be a separate issue – feelings of farm inadequacy – but I fear that it is all related somehow.  Not sure how to overcome this one either.

Anyway, thank you for listening.  Here is a picture of my lovely farm.  I’ve hidden all the trees…but you get the idea.



5 thoughts on “Hi. My name is Tonja…

  1. Do you think this is indicative of a longing to get back to a simpler life, one which is driven by the seasons of the natural world and where your choices are immediate and seemingly uncomplicated – harvest now or later? Plant potatoes or beans?

    Or are you farm-building because you’re in home-building limbo? Either way, I suspect that this addiction will come to a natural end when you get a house. And then I’m hoping to get you addicted to growing real things. A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot.

  2. Ever hear of the DELETE button??? Just undo it all and you can always pick it up later–if you ever have any free time after becoming a homeowner!

  3. Jane, I have never before had a longing to “get back to a simpler life”. I grew up in a city, I’ve almost always lived in/near a city and I consider my self a city girl. Perhaps not a downtown Chicago kind, but city none-the-less. I started the game with the idea that I was in “training” for a real garden, which I do intend on having (non-green thumb aside).

    Mom, delete – *GASP*? What is this delete thing about? I’ve worked HARD to get my farm this far…I can’t imagine deleting it now….not an option. I could, however, just not plan anything and leave it alone for a while, but this is exactly my dilemma – I’m addicted to it. Can’t stop. *sigh* Oh my life.

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