chugging right along

Life is chugging rather quickly right now.  August is the busiest time of year on a college campus – welcoming back returning students, getting new students settled and all offices up and running properly.  All this activity places a high demand on my services, which is to make sure that all staff on campus has the data that they need.  Ugh! Not an easy task by any means.  To top it all off, I have been doing some “moonlighting” at Trinity in their graduate admissions office.  Double ugh!  But that’s neither here nor there – its all just work.

There is no news to report on the house.  All of my loan stuff is in, everything is ready to go, just waiting for the bank to accept/reject my offer.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about decorating. (Dad, yes, I’ve moved into the house in my head and am settling down nicely.  Sorry.)  Actually, my decorating ideas could apply to any house…so this is really  more just excitement over the simple fact of owning a house.  I really like the look of wainscoting in the dining room, so I will do that at some point.  I’m also thinking about color schemes – colors that will work together as you move from room to room. 

I was also telling my small group last night that one of the things that I am most looking forward to is just the freedom of single occupancy.  I can sing and dance ’till I’m blue in the face and won’t have to worry about someone coming home or the neighbors hearing me.  The other really exciting thing that I’m looking forward to is trying out some new things like canning.  I plan on having a small garden (don’t laugh, it’s possible!) and canning some of the food that I grow (seriously – STOP laughing at me – let me dream for a moment here!).  There are a few blogs that I’ve been following lately by women who do such things and the thought really intrigues me.

That’s all that’s been going on here.  When I start to finalize some of my painting colors, I’ll post them up here.  Toodles!