read my lips

I DID NOT BUY YARN.  I did NOT buy yarn.  I DID not buy yarn.  I did not BUY yarn.  I did not buy YARN.

Got it?  My Dad called me on Saturday when I just so happened to be in a yarn store, but for the purpose of looking only.  And he doesn’t believe me.  And so I say: I did not buy yarn.

Dad, this is a phenomena called “window shopping” except that I was actually in the store and not outside looking in.  It costs nothing and I get to touch all the lovely yarns.  I believe that this type of “shopping” is a good and healthy alternative to entirely depraving myself of any new yarn experiences and then helplessly splurging, and it helps me to hone in on what my next project will be.  This is called “planning ahead” – and it is done because I am on a budget.  I am on a budget because I want to buy a house and it has been stressed to me that responsible home ownership = “responsible” spending = budgeting.

Therefore, I say to all of you who have patiently read this whole post: I did not buy yarn.

(I did think about it, but that is another story).

On to more earth shattering news.  I am more than half way to finishing the wedding gift project for Julie.  I am also a mere 10 rows shy of finishing my first pair of socks (finally).  I should have pictures soon of the socks.