life's new phase – the interim

Well, yesterday I did something that I think most people who know me are a little concerned about.  I moved out of my apartment, put all of my stuff into storage and am now homeless.  Yes, that’s right – I have no place to live.  This is, of course, a temporary problem: it is the interim phase of the New Phase of my life: namely a hopeful home buyer or at minimum, a solo apartment dweller.

Aside from my parents and grandparents, and aside from living with my Uncle Ben for a few years, (okay, which I admit the times that I was not living with my parents/grandparents/uncle are, granted, 2 out of the first 34 years of my life), I have always lived alone.  When I moved into my apartment in Waukegan 6 years ago, I opted to have a roommate because I was working in a job that made considerably less money and I was in grad school.  I’m still in grad school but I am now in a job that can afford both: single living and grad school.  And so I am choosing this.

Now that I’ve been homeless for 24 hours – I have to say that coordinating my sleeping space is going to be somewhat of a challenge.  I’ve got the first 2-3 weeks covered.  After that, well, I don’t know. 

Stay tuned to what I am calling: The Temporary Hobo Experiment.

2 thoughts on “life's new phase – the interim

  1. Ditto to Jane’s comment. Try to find someone who knows the real estate market in your area well, to find out if you should act now on one of the homes you like or wait a little longer to see if something new comes on to the market…I had people tell me about buying/selling trends, around fall and that things just dropped of after Thanksgiving, for example. I should call for an update, have you made an offer yet?

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