and now we return to our regularly scheduled programming

I realized last night that I have been blogging about a lot of things other than knitting, which is okay to a degree because I have a lot of things going on that don’t involve yarn and needles/hooks.  But, there is yarn in my life right now and I feel that I need to blog about it.

First, trying to decide what yarn/needles to pack and which to keep out (not knowing how long I will be houseless) is tough.  Now I suppose that if by some miracle I happen to knit up all the projects that I have in my knitting bag, a trip to the storage unit would be doable.  However, it will take some planning to make certain things accessible so that I’m not moving/scrounging around and opening tons of boxes looking for that “perfect next project”.

On the otherhand, say that I do finish all my current projects, then it will probably be time for school to start and house hunting/moving in/getting adjusted should probably take priority. So it shouldn’t really matter what the next projects are – I won’t have time to work on them.  As it should be.

Now, as to my current projects.  My first pair of socks are about 3/4 of an inch of being done, and I plan on finishing them within the next 2-3 weeks.  I’ll need to wait until Kate gets back from vacation so that she can show me how to bind off – something I currently don’t know how to do.

I’m also working on a baby blanket, block by block and straight stockinette.  Easy and mindless.

What is keeping things interesting is the Super Secret Julie object (a very belated wedding present) and because there is a slim chance that she might actually read this blog, I can’t go into details (hence “super secret”).  What I can say is this: it is the type of project that keeps one interested, challenged and will probably take a long time.  But, being lace-work, will end up being incredibly cheap (the yarn, that is, not my time).  There, I hope that didn’t give anything away.  I wish I could post pics, but that would be way too revealing.  (Sorry Julie!)


One thought on “and now we return to our regularly scheduled programming

  1. I think lace knitting’s incredibly interesting. I’m working on scarves and hoping to work my way up to shawls or something similar to the SSJO. I have lost the interest I had in my younger days in making sweaters! I want to explore combining lace knitting with all those gorgeous hand-dipped color combos I see on the internet. I just finished the ribbon lace scarf I tried out in a totally non-lace silk/cotton blend, and I feel like I’m onto something. Perhaps this would be a way to use sock yarns – I LOVE the colors, but I really don’t wear socks much!

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