what day is it…..really?

I strongly believe that the time-space continuum is off by three days.  Today is really Friday the 13th of July and not the 10th.  How do I know this?  Because all staff computers on campus actually stopped doing what they were supposed to do: connect to our campus systems.

Now before you think that I am nuts – remember that there have been occasions in the past in which people have decided that the whole calendar system was off and had to make an adjustment.  The Julian calendar (which is what we use today) was one such adjustment.  The novelty of his system was that for 3 years we observe 365 days and on the 4th year we observe 366 days.  There was another refinement in 1582 (Pope Gregory XIII) who said that a leap year could only occur in those years that are easily divisible by 4 – i.e. the year 1900 was not a leap year, but the year 2000 was. 

So it is not entirely inconceivable that the earth’s axis has changed by a degree thus altering our calendar system.  I’m just glad that I could discover this for you, since it is rather important.  This should further explain the rather strange weather patterns we have been experiencing this year.  It all make sense.