respecting one's property

I have a secret to tell: I love 4th of July DAY and hate 4th of July NIGHT.  Reason: all the neighborhood people who buy the cheap, dingy fireworks and set them off all night long.  And I mean ALL night long.  I hate it.  Probably because I go to bed early, but regardless, I hate hearing all those *booms*, *snap-crackles-and-pops* all night long.  This 4th was even worse.  The house across the street from my small apartment building had a party.  Usually not a big deal as my apartment is in the back.  But on Saturday night several of his guests decided that fireworks would be fun – and that what would be even more fun is to set them off in our parking lot.  They had this one that every time they set it off 2 car alarms in our parking lot would go off.

They finished at about 10:30 (yey) and I was so happy that I started to drift off to sleep.  Only to wake up at 11 and see flashing red lights.  What had happened is the apartment manager called the police (yey) because the people across the street left a mess (boo).  A HUGE mess.  In OUR parking lot.  So the police gave a ticket to the man who held the party (yey) and then made his guests come over and clean up their mess (hooray!).  Several of the guests complained (naturally) that the police were “ruining their 4th” and “this is supposed to be a celebration, can’t we all just get along…?”.  Now I ask you: If I had gone to their house and made a mess and walked away, how much fun would they have then?   I just don’t understand people who don’t respect other people’s property but except for other people to respect theirs.  Honestly.

Shirlee:  I would be happy to supervise and offer encouragement, but I think that caulking is a good skill to have, so I think you should do it.  Just remember: use a gun.  But I would be happy to be present when you do this.  Just let me know!

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