frugality + budget "fun"

I was thinking about my budget over the weekend and congratulating myself on how I will be able to achieve the “Baby Step #1” to Financial Freedom (both Crown Financial Ministries and Dave Ramsey speak about this) which is to put $1,000 into savings for emergencies.  On Wednesday, I’ll be able to do this having only worked on this “budget stuff for Dad” for the last 6 weeks.  (This “budget stuff for Dad is the prerequisite for them giving me money for a downpayment on a house, and I have to prove to my Dad that I can afford this, which is good.  I’m happy about this because it means that my faulty brain is not the sole “eyes” looking into my budgeting, since my budgeting sense is -0- to nil at best.)  So I was thinking “Wow, I think I can really do this!  This is SO awesome!” that my next thought was “I should celebrate by buying something!”.  See that?  See what happened?  I’ve been fairly frugal this month (more than usual) and I was going to celebrate by SPENDING MONEY!  Ugh!  So now I’ve got to decide how to celebrate this tremendous feat by NOT spending money, and then I can TRULY celebrate.  Any suggestions?

On the knitting front, I’ve started a new project but I can’t divulge any particulars.  I was able to spend a considerable amount of time this weekend knitting and have made awesome progress, so hopefully I’ll have something to show for it soon.  I’m knitting something non-traditional as a wedding present for my friend Julie, who may or may not read the blog, so I’ll keep it under wraps.

I’m doing 2 weddings in July (running sound, not officiating), so I should have a little extra cash to add to my SAVINGS account.  I just hope that it makes it there instead of somewhere it shouldn’t go.

House hunting has been slow this week.  I’m hoping to be able to get into the house in Zion and maybe one or two more and then I can think about making an offer.  I have 17 boxes packed (mostly books) and 9 of them are currently in storage.  My knee is sore and my back is sore, but otherwise I’m feeling good.  Hey, maybe the wedding money could go towards hiring movers to help move stuff into storage.  That’s an interesting thought.

Well, until next time.  Toodles


4 thoughts on “frugality + budget "fun"

  1. Celebrate by giving yourself a day off… everything! Save money on movers by inviting a strong friend over for lunch or whatever in return for a couple hours moving. I could be that friend…

  2. howdy- things that dont cost money….a bubble bath…a nap. go out and watch the sunset over one of those lakes up there…?

    I’d start now fishing about for moving helpers…see what they’d want in exchange. Pizza or beer often does the trick.

  3. Jane and Sarah: I appreciate the “just ask friends” advice, and believe you me, if I had a choice then I would definitely go this route. However, for some bizarre reason, I purchased a piano a few years ago from some friends who used to live in my building and decided to move but didn’t want to pay the movers to move the piano (can you say: sucker!). Anyway, I am rather romantically attached to the idea of owning a piano (and have no one to sell it to) and so must now face the music (no pun intended) and hire movers. Unless either of you want to come and lift a piano – then, of course, be my guest. 🙂

  4. well, there are times when you gotta bite the bullet and pay the professionals. And if stairs are involved, its really worth it! I would love to come and help, but piano moving’s not my strong (!) point.

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