pandimonium in the head

I have to say that the process of looking for a house to buy is about as difficult as finding someone to marry, although I may be a bit more successful with the house.  For one thing, they both advertise on the web and not always truthfully.  Now I’m not saying that the MLS is lying, per se, but that not all information is reported.  I looked at a house yesterday that was so charming and cute, it was one of those old houses that just simply have character.  The outside looked charming as well, but the inside was crap (please excuse the profanity).  It would make a great “fixer upper”, if that was what I am in the market for, but alas I am not, and so the house was scratched off the list (dad).

One of the other houses Carol and I looked at yesterday had so much mold in the basement that I’m afraid Carol should probably go to the hospital and have her lungs pumped out before the mold takes hold of her chest.  That one was also taken off the list (dad).  The other three that we looked at were “doable”.  The first one is in a neighborhood south of where I currently live and is in a charming, well kept neighborhood.  The house is of perfect size for me but would need some work.  First off, all of the closet doors had this hideous yellow wall paper with flowers on the inside.  But more importantly the kitchen is in need of some expansion.  It is only slightly bigger than my current kitchen, but with about 1/5 the counter space (no kidding on that one) and the fridge takes up half the floor space and is sitting in front of one of the windows, blocking the view of the back yard.  Otherwise, very charming.  Hardwood floors, decent sized yard, plus a 1.5 car garage.

The second house had my favorite floor plan and was the largest of the three.  Three good sized bedrooms (a .5 bath off the master) and a perfect sized living room with huge sliding glass doors off the back to the deck.  The kitchen had a “breakfast nook” and the “dining area” was shared with the living room, but it was a great setup.  This house had more work to do overall than the first.

The third house was the smallest of the three that I liked but was in the best “move-in” condition.  Only 1 concern with this one: the ginormity of the backyard.  Seriously, it would take me about 2 days to walk the property.  The good side to the ginormity is that if I ever decided to plant a “real” garden, I would have more than enough space to do so. (Stop laughing, a girl can have dreams, can’t she?)

There is one more property that I want to look at in Zion.  It was the most charming of the four but we couldn’t get the lock combination to work, so we couldn’t see the inside.  Front and side yards were very charming, though, and the backyard would be great with minimal effort.  We’ll see about this one.

So the status is that there are some possibilities, but not quite ready to make an offer yet.  I’ll post pictures soon (I forgot the USB cable today).


2 thoughts on “pandimonium in the head

  1. My two cents is to go with the one that will work best for you, and don’t worry too much if it needs some work. I’d advise against too big a yard, unless you really want to spend ALL weekend gardening. I learned that lesson in our last house.

    As long as the roof, electrics, plumbing and basement are OK, things like changing the kitchen and the decor can be done later. Liking the neighborhood is really key!

    Oh and you can live in a kitchen with minimal counter space – been there, done that, twice. You get VEEERY organized is all.

  2. hey- yeah you need to differentiate between little things you can live with or fix yourself, like the wallpaper, and the things that must be done. As Jane said, the roof, the general structure of the house, plumbing and electricity.

    House #1 sounds fairly ideal based on what you wrote…you didnt say enough about #2, the overall work? the large back yard makes me think of building a “guest house” down the road. if the zoning would permit that.

    Well dont forget to breathe…and enjoy the process.

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