what not to do when looking for a house

As most of you know, I went “house shopping” for the first time on Friday.  I am attempting to be extremely frugal with what I can afford because there are other things in my life that are still important to me which also cost money.  Plus, I don’t want to get myself into something that will be detrimental to my financial situation (i.e. bankruptcy) in the future.  With that said, I still believe (for the time being) that there is a house for me in my price range.  Naive, perhaps.  But here is one thing that I learned on Friday: don’t expect a $500,000 house for $75,000.  I’m having to adjust my perception of what $80,000 will buy.  Big time.

With that said, there was ONE house that I looked at that was a possibility (it looks as though it is no longer on the market), except that it would require me moving very far away, like Alaska.  (The house isn’t really in Alaska, but it sure felt that way as we were driving to it.)  It was a very cute little 2-story house (no basement).  So now I’m changing direction and actually thinking about looking for something in Waukegan (provided there is something available in a decent neighborhood).

The other thing that I’ve discovered about the searching process, is that the depression from not finding anything actually leads to other behavior that is not good.  Some well intentioned friends gave me a gift certificate to a yarn store for my birthday and on Saturday I went and purchased some lovely yarn to make a throw.  It really is nice yarn, in a great colorway, and will be fun to knit with.  I also justified this purchase with these two thoughts: 1) I had a gift certificate and 2) this adds to my stash so that when I actually do buy a house and have no yarn budget for the next 5 years, this will give me something to do.  There.  It is done, I am happy, end of story.  (And you can’t make me feel bad about it either, ’cause it was a birthday gift, and I can’t control what people give/don’t give on birthdays.)

Whew.  Now I feel better.  Went for a 1 mile walk today, the sun was out, the wind was nil, the temperature was perfect and I’m in a happy mood regardless of whether or not I found a house.  🙂


3 thoughts on “what not to do when looking for a house

  1. Even tho I talk to you frequently, I do check you blog fairly regularly. I am glad to FINALLY see some new postings! Plus, I do learn things about you on your blog that I would not normaly find out–example, your yarn ‘purchase’.

  2. Well, Mom, I’m glad that you check my blog regularly, but now I feel like I should be a little more cautious! No, just kidding. You should see this yarn, though, it is in a lovely fall colorway.

  3. Hang in there on the house. There are bargains out there, you just have to be patient…(see me twiddling my thumbs in an agony of frustration)

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