foggy memory

It is amazing what happens when school is out and time is in abundance.  My brain also goes on vacation and I forget things like the fact that I have a blog with a readership that must be fed information.  (I’ll take a moment to mention that my readership is, oh, about 4, so no real pressure here.)

I took the train down to Monroe, LA (via Jackson MS) to visit my grandmother over Memorial Day weekend.  It was a good visit, even if it was too short.  Meme lives in a nursing home just down the street from my Uncle, but she is still really lonely.  If I inherited any “fiber arts genes” it would be from her, since she is a master crocheter.  She is going to make me a “table cloth”, aka a glorified doilie, but one that will look lovely in my new home.

House Hunting
Yes, to confirm rumors, I am in the process of looking to purchase a home this summer.  I don’t know where this process will take me, or if it will even happen, but I’m putting forth a concerted effort.  What I’m looking forward to the most is hosting a house warming party.

Contest Winner
YES!  I actually WON a book a few weeks ago.  Logos, the bible software that I use had a contest where they wanted their blog readers to post a trackback to their site and they would pick winners at random.  What did I win, you may be asking?  A signed copy of the book Heavenby Randy Alcorn.  It is a light theological work about the reality of heaven.  Cool.

On the Needles/Hook
I had to frog most of the baby blanket I was making.  It was looking like some kind of weird trapezoid, and since it was a log cabin blanket, which means that I would be building upon this shape, the whole thing was shot.  So I’m in the process of making little squares and will piece them together to make a patchwork instead.

I am also searching for a knitted doilie pattern to make and will start that as soon as I find one that is a) easy and b) easy.