end one thing, begin another

School for this semester is finally over.  The tally for this semester was: 9 individual papers, 1 group paper, 1 group video project, 2 exams, 6 books, and one 7-hour individual final project.  I believe that I’ll end up with 2 A-.  Not bad while working full time, leading a women’s bible study and working with the 8th graders.  Can I just die now?

So I cast on for a blanket on Wednesday night (after my final).  Someone here in my office gave me 4 skeins of 3/4 pound of yarn (acrylic) a few years ago.  It is a green/black/white variegation.  I have no pattern for the blanket, I’m kind of making it up as I go.  I thought I would do them in panels (maybe 5 long strips).  The first one is going to be done in complete seed stitch.  I think I’ll do the next 2 panels in some sort of cable pattern (perhaps even one that I make up????) and the outside two in something like a fan stitch (which I’ve never done knitting before).  I’ll probably then add a border to the whole thing to finish it off, if I have enough yarn.  I’ll be traveling next weekend to Louisiana via Jackson, MS (thanks to Amtrak) and will probably take this project along.  If I take the socks I’ll finish in just a few hours, so this new blanket should keep me occupied for a long while.

In celebration of the double A-, I went out yesterday and purchased this little beauty:


It is big enough to hold all my normal purse stuff plus by little Dell mini laptop and it’s power cord.  Nice, eh?  It is things like this that motivate me to even attempt a double A in one semester.


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