my niece…take a look

(hmm…two posts in one day…I hope this isn’t a trend!)  My niece had 2 surgical procedures done on her last Friday.  Firstly, the removed her tonsils and adenoids.  The doctor that did this surgery said that her tonsils were the largest he had ever removed!  So I guess it is good they removed them.  But they also did reconstructive surgery on her ears because she was born without that little fold in the ear that allows them to snuggle up to your head – which would mean that her ears would poke straight out, and that wouldn’t be good.

My sister said that she was doing so well on Sunday, being such a big girl, that they took her to Toys-R-Us and let her pick out anything she wanted.  Here’s what she got:  a lovely, blue, Princess gown.


Now, don’t those head bandages remind you of this fashion design of long ago?

I don’t know…maybe this fashion statement will make a come back?


One thought on “my niece…take a look

  1. Let’s hope the comeback fails! Olivia will get the bandages off tomorrow. She could have had them off already, but when her Mom asked her if she was ready to have them off (seeing that she is a cardiac nurse and is perfectly capable of taking them off), Olivia told her, “No, Mommie, the doctor do that!” So she will get them off tomorrow.

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