My former roommate, Julie, got married on Saturday!  Yippee!  It was a lovely, mid-morning wedding and I don’t think she could have asked for a better day.  It was warm and didn’t start to rain until early afternoon making it a perfect day for pictures.  Congratulations, Julie and Jason!

I also got to meet my new cousin, Sydney, on Saturday.  I spent a lovely afternoon with Lloyd and Arlana, both their mothers, and the family of Lloyd’s best friend.  Baby Sydney is very adorable.  She has Arlana’s eyes, she is tiny and has very long toes and fingers.  Lloyd is going to have a little “looker” on his hands, I just hope he is prepared!  Here is a picture from their Flickr photos:

Baby syd
Baby syd


There she is…cute, eh?

Finally, here is the obligatory post for Logos today…(can you tell I want to win?)

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