the non-vortex Tuesday – whew!

The Vortex seems to have passed by me today, just hope that it stays away.  At least mine was not self-inflicted, unlike Chip’s vortex which is totally self-inflicted.  I can’t feel sorry about that one..(sorry, Chip).  I even remembered to call my Mom and WISH HER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, but it never hurts to say it again.  (I just hope she reads this.)  She reminded me that Olivia, my niece, is going to have surgery on Friday.  She is firstly going to have her adenoids and tonsils out but then she is going to have plastic surgery on her ears.  She had the unfortunate misfortune to be born with ears that she will not grow out of.  Big ears seem to run in my family.  In fact, my Mom had a complex about myears once-upon-a-time and actually explored the surgery option for me, but I ended up growing into them, which was good.  Olivia won’t grow into hers, however, so Kristin is going to have all the surgery stuff done in one day.  Poor girl: her ears, nose and throat are all going to hurt.  (At least I think her nose is going to hurt – I don’t actually know where the “adenoids” are, but I’m assuming that they have something to do with the nose.  Have no basis for this thought, however, and so I could likely be wrong.)

In the knitting news, I knit three more rows on the socks.  I’m thinking I should finish these wool socks by the time it warms up.  Oh – wait….maybe…just maybe the weather is waiting to change until I finish the socks and have a chance to wear them… it makes sense!  I’m so sorry, people, that I have changed the normal weather patterns around whether or not my socks are done.  I’ll hurry it  up and finish them soon so that SPRING can actually start.  Better stop writing and start knitting.

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  1. Thank you–I did read that, although a couple of days late. The adenoids are next to the tonsils. So, sore throat, but not a sore nose.

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