that time of year

I’m beginning to think that mid- to late-April is the time when my car decides it needs a checkup – and a costly one at that.  I was driving to meet a friend for dinner on Friday night when my car suddenly started to do this knocking sound.  It wasn’t rhythmic or regular; it was one simple “knock” and the a little while later it would do it again.  I got no sleep that night for fear that it was something that would end up totalling my car, and I have no money for a new one.  So I arrived at Midas an hour before they opened just so that I could be first in line.  It turned out to be something related to a ball bearing on the front passenger wheel – and it turned out that it was something that was reasonable in cost as well.  Hopefully this means that my car is good for another year.

So yesterday was spent sitting at Midas until the could figure out the problem, getting the news that it would take until mid-afternoon, deciding to rent a car and driving to Wheaton to return the books that I checked out last week.  I must say that it was a nice ride – the car that I rented.  It was a 2010 Toyota Corolla and man-o-man it was sweet.  It was quiet, smooth, had AC and radio (4 things that I don’t currently have in a car).  It was such a lovely day yesterday as well.  It was nearly 65 degrees yesterday and then…then…today happened.  It is cold and rainy.  Yuck.  I guess its just that time of year.


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  1. But you also don’t have car payments and higher insurance bills…But there is no sweeter ride than a new car. Did you go to a LYS?

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