like new years resolutions…so are "turning 40 resolutions"

Well, it didn’t take me long to blow it.  Nearly as soon as I put down the resolutions they became broken.  Just like those blasted New Years’ resolutions.  Now I remember (at least I can still remember things) why I no longer make new years resolutions.  Hopefully, though, life will start to become a little more “normalized” soon.  I have my final paper due tomorrow and a final on May 13, which should be easy enough to study for.  Then, I am all about finding a condo to purchase!  Yipee!  Exciting summer for me!

I’ve contintued on my socks and about about 2 inches away from finishing.  Now that the weather is getting warmer and there is no need for socks.  Oh well, at least I’ll have them for next fall.  When I finish these I will try to quickly finish the baby blanket for Gabby.  It should be a quick knit, but you never know with me.  The one challenge will be the 4th skein of “different” yarn that I purchased.  I originally bought the same yarn in 3 colorways and then decided that I needed a 4th colorway…but I was no where near the LYS where I purchased the original three.  Bad decision in that the 4th type of yarn is very inflexible.  I’ll be driving past this LYS on Saturday on my way to Wheaton College to return some books….Kate….Long Grove is calling you…..Kate…can’t you hear your name? (Total bribery…I am so not above it!)

Plus, the other bonus is that tomorrow (hopefully) I will get my new laptop.  (Yes Mom and Dad, I purchased a new laptop.)  It is a netbook, i.e. a very small laptop.  The screen is only 9 inches in diameter.  The whole thing is only 9 inches wide, just under 7 inches deep and about 1.5 inches tall.  Pretty darn cute if you ask me.  This was purchased in the hopes that it can help me achieve one of my “Turning 40’s Resolutions” (aka, the TFR’s) of writing more.  We’ll see how it all pans out.  I plan on taking it to Louisiana at the end of May.  Hopefully the compact size will make it much easier for the travel…

Oh, well it looks as if I just received a package…of a book that I had pre-ordered.  Gotta go and check it out.  Toodles!


3 thoughts on “like new years resolutions…so are "turning 40 resolutions"

  1. Yes! Yes! I hear you! Darn it, Tonja, I was sleeping when you wrote this and you woke me up! Then I had this crazy nightmare about yarn when I finally did get back to sleep. Something about being at an LYS and not having my credit card…

  2. Kate, I really didn’t mean to wake you up…I actually slept soundly, for once. Also sorry about the nightmare..are you sure your Sweet Petunia didn’t instigate that one for you…? So does this mean you will come?

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