its a new decade

So the “big day” has come and gone and other than knowing how old I really am, I don’t feel any different.  Not that I expected to, but you know, it is nice anyway to feel the same.  Someone asked me at my bash what my goals were for this austere year for me and my reply was to seriously consider purchasing a home.  Not a bad goal.  Here are some other goals:

  1. Finish my first pair of socks.  They are about 2 inches from being done, so this shouldn’t be difficult.
  2. Finish my first pair of mittens.  I’m stuck on the thumb, so once my brain gets past that problem, these should be easy enough to finish as well.
  3. Do some writing.  I should probably have a more specific goal than that – like say, write the first half of a novel, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself.
  4. Knit a shawl for my sister.
  5. Knit a sweater for my niece Olivia.
  6. Finish the baby blanker for my niece Gabby.

All this while – working full time, finishing up a class, leading a bible study and putting time and energy into purchasing a home (and moving).  Still do-able in a year’s time, dontcha think?

Some resolutions:

RESOLVED: to spend at least 10 minutes every day writing.
RESOLVED: to call my grandmother at least once a week.
RESOLVED: to call my sister at least once a week.
RESOLVED: to improve in my correspondence – primarily sending “thank you” notes and notes of encouragement.
RESOLVED: to make a trip to California at least every 2 years (to visit my Aunt).
RESOLVED: to tell the people that are important to me how much I appreciate them.


3 thoughts on “its a new decade

  1. Really great goals and resolutions! I share many of those resolutions, and maybe you’ll inspire me to be better at those things.

  2. Welcome to your 40s, from one who is soon to be leaving that decade behind. Your resolutions are good ones, especially the writing and purchasing a home bits (but they may be mutually exclusive, be warned.) I’m surprised that graduating doesn’t come into the list – are you taking that for granted?

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