foibles, folly and the future

Countdown: 6 days.

Yesterday was my due date (March 30) but instead of arriving on time I decided to wait.  I’m glad I did because I like April 5th a whole lot.  My niece was due in March as well and decided to wait until April 2.  I was holding out for the 5th, but decided I should be happy with the 2nd lest my wonderful sister try to kill me (which, I believe, she threatened to do).  Her only wish was for any day other than the 1st.  Now, my Grandfather was born on April 1st and I (personally) thought that it would be a good day for Olivia as well, but Kris said NO.  She is lucky she got her wish and that Olivia obliged and waited another day.

I have a few more things to mention about my past before I move on and look forward to the next 40 years.  First, I have worked a wonderfully odd assortment of jobs.  I did the requisite stint at McDonalds; I did a summer stint at Disneyland (in California, which was way cool); worked concessions and souvenirs at University of Arizona and finally at a grocery store.  In a way all of them were good jobs and I don’t really regret any of them.  For the most part I had good managers as well – exept for 2.  I’m not proud of this but I have actually yelled at 2 managers, well, okay, I yelled at one and got into a tete-a-tete with the other, which did get a little heated, but there wasn’t any “yelling”.  The first instance was with one manager telling me to go do something that I had never done before and then yelled at me for not knowing how to do what he was asking.  Granted we were swamped with customers, but there is no excuse for yelling.  So I threw whatever I had in my hands onto the floor, screamed “Fine! You do it yourself!” and walked off the floor.  The second instance was with a manager who, for some reason, refused to learn how to pronounce my name correctly and when I finally started pronouncing his name incorrectly, he got upset.  That conversation took place in front of a customer, who as it turned out was his wife, and needless to say I won that argument. :- )  Thank goodness for wives, I tell you.

One of the coolest things I’ve ever had the opportunity to do was to volunteer for the 1996 Olympics.  I was a VIP driver for those people who were at the games as an official part of their team’s delegation: coaches, athletes, major sponsors, and organizer-types.  I drive a huge variety of people, but the neatest opportunity came the day of the closing ceremonies when I drove a woman who had just won her first Gold medal – for kyaking of all things.  I got to see it and it was way cool.

I’ve also had the opportunity to travel to London – just once – and for work – but it was still a good opportunity.  Oh, and I’ve been to Budapest – the BEST place in Europe to visit (even though I haven’t been to EVERY place in Europe, NOTHING could be as great as Budapest).

All in all it has been a good first 40 years and I am looking forward to the next 40.  I’ve been struggling with putting this whole birthday thing into perspective and I’ve come to realize that I’ve done a great many things these last 40 years, things that not every one has the opportunity to do and I am thankful for all of it.  I’ve also come to realize that if I can do all these cool and interesting things in my first 40 years (18 of which were under the control of my parents and therefore i didn’t have a whole lot of input, so really the last 22 years) then how much more could I do in the next 40?  This makes it exciting!  I can’t wait.

Knitting News
I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket for Lloyd and Arlana this last weekend and gave it to them at the baby shower.  I didn’t get to stay for long but I think they liked it – I know I did.  I bought two little pewter elephants for the button and they looked fabulous.  (Kate, if you are reading this, I opted for the elephants over the Chinese-character ones because the Chinese-character ones seemed a little too “grown-up”-ey and thought the elephants looked a little more a-pro-pos for a baby.)  So now I am starting a baby blanket for Gabby – one that she can call her own.  Olivia has a nice blanket that she carries with her everywhere (called “baba”) and I think Gabby needs one too.  It is a modified Log Cabin, so we’ll see how it turns out.

I did something absolutely ridiculous yesterday.  I ordered some Eegees to be FedEx’d to my birthday party on Saturday.  The shipping costs are roughly 4 times that of the actual product, but this is my birthday, gosh-golly-gee, and I want Eegees.  End of story.  I’m entitled to a little folly every now and then, right?  For those of you who will be there – this will be a treat for you.  Expect the best.

I’m not sure why I included this in the title of the post because I don’t have any foibles to report.  Perhaps that is the foible?  You decide.  I think I just liked the alliteration.