focus, focus, focus


Too many things going on and I can’t concentrate on any of it.  First – the current countdown is 13 days, just in case you were wondering or were needing to know how much longer I have until…something dramatic happens to me.

Two, CONGRATULATIONS to the Wildcats for making it to the Sweet 16!  Yea!

Three, I have yet another paper that I’m working on.  This has been the semester of endless papers.  By the 2nd week of May I will have written 10 papers.  UGH!

Four, I have decided that this year is the “move out by myself” year – whether it is purchasing a house/condo or moving into an apartment by my self – it is going to happen.  The big decision is whether or not to buy.  And if I do, house or condo?  And if a condo, where?  Lake County or in the city?  And if in the city….okay, I’ll just stop right here.  I’m leaning towards a condo, but having a garden would be awesome (even though I can’t garden).  But then there’s the maintenance factor that is way more expensive than the condo-maintenance factor, and am thinking that my first time home-buying experience should be a good one and the condo seems to be the way to go.  I have so many questions in my head…!

Fourth, oh, wait: fifth – I still need to finish the Baby Surprise Jacket for Lloyd and Arlana.  I’m getting close – less than 55 rows left, but it will still take a while.