the downside to pants

For millinea past women have always worn skirts.  Nice, big, flowy, long and lots of material skirts.  Some of you may think this an impractical and suppressive act that women were forced into, but there was at least one benefit.  Skirts have lots of material and if one were to, say, rip part of her skirt, in, say, a not so “good” area, there was plenty of material to cover it up.  But pants don’t have a plethora of extra material and I suppose this is a desirable thing in a pair of pants.  But when one rips a pair of pants, it is rather difficult to hid the rip or to fix it.  This is the downside.  Just letting you know – in case you were to ever wonder what the pluses and minuses were to wearing a pair of pants.  There is some downside to progression.