how to *not* succeed in life

As I was approaching my local Starbucks this morning for my regular cup of tea, I encountered a prime example of someone who must know how to success in life – at least he appeared and acted like someone who was very important and successful.

Here’s what happened.  I crossed the street and turned left.  The local Starbucks is 2 storefronts from the corner, so I had to walk about 30 feet to the door.  During the time that I was approaching the door, another person, a “gentleman”, who was well dressed and in somewhat of a hurry, had the same distance to approach but from the opposite direction.  He arrived at the door perhaps 3 whole seconds before I did.  He proceeded to enter but neglected to hold the door for me.  (Common decency?)  He ordered his drink and then went to the counter for cream/sugar, proceeded to step in before another customer and caused her to wait until he was finished.  (The counter was big enough for 2.)

So what can be learned from this little episode?  The is you are an important, well-off and successful person then common kindness and decency don’t matter.


One thought on “how to *not* succeed in life

  1. This area is full of important and successful people, way more important than you or I. I too have been known to mutter under my breath, “Go ahead, of course you are far more important than me.” One day I’m going to say it out loud, I wonder what’ll happen?

    When I was working retail, there was a customer in line who was on her cellphone. She said to her friend, “I’m in line at **** and the guy in front of me is taking forever.” The guy in front heard, turned round and shoved her, at which point she went ape and several large guys working in the store had to run to the front and defuse the situation (unfortunately I was stuck with a customer and missed the whole thing.) Now, who was the most successful and important person in that little story?

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