how the day was spent

Well, I think you all know me far too well, ’cause I ended up doing #4, but not in exact order.  I did sleep late (I got up at 7:30 instead of 6) and I headed off for Panera.  (On a side note, I am now “over” Panera…at least for the next few weeks for reasons you will understand soon.)  I had a wonderful breakfast and studied until about 11.  Then I had an itch to do some driving, so I went to another Panera and had some sort of frozen coffee thing.  When the lunch crowd started packing the place I decided to go on out to Long Grove and visit the yarn store.  They have a lovely little shop with lots and lots of really nice yarn.  I ended up purchasing some nice, lush pink and white yarn for a baby blanket for Gabby (my niece).  I actually had the chance to use the EZ Navigator service on my new Blackberry, which was really, really cool.  I’ve never used a GPS system before and really liked it.  Then I was hungry but I didn’t want to leave the area cause treat #2 was a movie which didn’t start until 7 PM.  Let me tell you….sitting in a Starbucks for 2 hours with a potential of another 3 is not my idea of fun.  So I checked the movie times again and saw that the movie’s first showing was at 4 so I went to that one instead.  Then I went home and studied some more.  I only made it though the first 28 questions (out of a possible 87) but some of the questions were multi-part and were about a whole page in and of themselves.  I’m now on question #32, but it is because I decided to type up my answers instead of hand write them out (partly because I’m afraid of getting tendinitis in my hand and won’t be able to write come exam time, which would totally blow).  I had another nice and leisurely day today byeating breakfast at…Panera and lunch at …Panera with a friend.  I’m going to go another hour (I’m writing this at 7:30 PM) and then I’m going to go home and read…and set my clock ahead.

Nighty night and toodle-oo.