let's play 20 answers

Remember the game “20 Questions” when you were a kid?  Here’s a new twist.  I’ll give you 20 answers instead.

  1. For those who were tracking my knee, it is fine, thanks.
  2. One class is almost done, thank goodness.
  3. I’m reading Everlasting Man by GK Chesterton and it is an exhausting read.
  4. I started the Baby Surprise Jacket for Lloyd and Arlana.
  5. I read “101 Dalmatians” about 101 times to a 4 year old on Saturday.
  6. I watched the movie “Cellular” on Saturday.
  7. My Mom is upset that I haven’t written in a while.
  8. My friend Karla met my friend Joanna – who is the one that taught me how to knit and subsequently my knitting habit as spun out of control resulting in a rather large stash, to which Karla objects.  Karla, meet a fellow knitter, Joanna.  I know she understands about the yarn thing.
  9. It is rainy and foggy outside today.
  10. I smelled spring yesterday morning.
  11. I’m planning on going to hear “New World Symphony” next weekend.
  12. My birthday is coming up – no big deal.
  13. My parents and my sister are coming for my birthday.
  14. I’m going to see “12th Night” by Shakespeare in April – and I’m EXCITED!
  15. I purchased a really, really cool new gadget a few weeks ago – I bought a Blackberry Storm.  It ROCKS!
  16. I had my annual physical 2 weeks ago and I’m in pretty good health.  Whoopee!
  17. I would much rather be knitting right now than writing this post.
  18. I am running out of things to say.
  19. I wrote a poem on Tuesday explaining why I couldn’t go knit with the girls for lunch.  They understood.
  20. I have a midterm in 2.5 weeks and the “prep” sheet for it has 50 definitions and 87 “possible” questions.  UGH!

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