the way life works

I have a friend who broke her ankle one day just by getting out of bed.  (FREE TIP: if you were to decide one day to sleep in late and someone were to say to you “get up lazy bones”, here’s your excuse: it could be hazardous to your health.)

Most of you who know me know of the troubles of my knee.  I tore my ACL 8 years ago and the thing has been a constant problem.  First, I had problems convincing my doctor that there was something more wrong with  my knee that a “simple sprain”.  That took 3 months.  Then I got an MRI and sure enough (or as my grandmother would say “shore ‘nuf”) there was a tear.  Another 6 weeks goes by before I get the surgery.  The surgery happens and for whatever reason, the doctor did not prescribe therapy.  NOTHING was said about therapy.  This is what he said instead: just use it.

On a side note, I didn’t ask the proper questions, so I totally take partial blame (if blame were something that could be passed around) and know that this is in part my fault.  However, there are times that being single and “strongly independent” can be hazardous, especially when it comes to health care.  I’ve been privileged these last few years to have people around me who were willing to stick up for me (and to me) and help me make some health related decisions that I was in no position to make by my self.  But I’m digressing.

Back to the knee.  After said surgery I moved here, to the wonderful Northern Illinois plains where snow and ice are habitually a part of the winder season.  With an unstable knee I have problems staying vertical, which is bad because I inevitably fall on the …. broken knee.  Yup, not the good knee, the bad knee.  Each. And. EVERY. Time.  All that slippin’ and fallin’ paid off because I had a second surgery on said broken knee to clean out some debris floating around.  The wonderful thing was the complete difference in doctor care and follow up that I received, which made a complete difference in how I walk today.  It was a wonderful experience.

Then, last night, life worked the wrong way for me.  I have a class on Wednesday nights from 6:00 PM – 9:20 PM.  We took a 10-minute break at 7:45 and I got up to use the restroom.  As you all know, women sit.  When I stood up, the knee went pop, and then there was pain.  Folks, that’s the way life works.  You can do some innocuous, innocent, daily task, one that you’ve done a thousand times before when all of a sudden life takes a turn for the worst.  Now I can say that going to the restroom could be hazardous to my health.  At least I get that much.  Please – no sympathy.  That’s just how life works sometimes, ya know?


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