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Sorry for the delay in posting but I’ve been one sick puppy.  :- (  I took a sick day last Wednesday because my sinuses were whipping me around.  The nurse practitioner gave me a prescription and told me to also “rinse my nose out” 3 times a day.  I have to tell you that putting water up ones nose to “rinse” it out seems very counter-intuitive to me and cannot even fathom the person that said, “oh, hey, I wonder if putting water up my nose will clear my sinuses out”, but someone had to because there is now a market for the Neti Pot (see article on WebMD here).  Now, six days later, I believe that I am more stuffed up than last week and my throat hurts, which is usually a sign of tonsillitis (sp?) or worse yet, another cold.  Oh will this ever end?

On an up note, I received the Ty-Dy yarn that I ordered and boy-o-boy is it ever scrumptious!  I have to say that it will be PERFECT yarn for Arlana’s baby sweater. 

On a second up note, I received an honorable mention in my friend Jane’s blog (she’s a bit new to the blog-o-sphere) and thought I would return the favor. 

On a third up note, I have no papers due this week or next, which should make for a much less “frantic” week than the three previous.  Maybe the lag in papers will allow me to get the rest that I need to kick this thing out of my body.  Hope so, ’cause this sick thing is getting old really, really fast.


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