the "new yarn" high

When someone says “I’m high” most people immediately think of drugs.  Now, I’m not saying that they shouldn’t – drugs are a major cause of “high-ness” in this country and could be argued by some circles to be an epidemic.  No, I don’t think we should change our immediate impression of this phrase at all.  But I do think that we knitters need to change the connotations (as much as possible) to include that euphoric high that comes when purchasing new yarn.

For the knitter there are all sorts of feelings and images that course through our minds and bodies that produce the same euphoria as someone who is stoned out of their mind. (I have to add here that I’ve NEVER been high in my life, and if this is the feeling that happens with “getting high”, I can now see why people would choose to tank their lives, sanity, relationships…and all the rest, just to attain this feeling.  I am glad that I have alternatives that produce the same euphoria without the dramatic negative effects of ruining one’s life.)  For the knitter, one of those things is the PURCHASE OF NEW YARN.

New yarn has creative potential.  There are an infinitesimal number of projects that can be produced.  There is the entry of a new colorway that brightens up everything.  There is the anticipation of what is to come.

So yesterday (on a Sunday, none-the-less, shhh, please don’t tell God) I purchased some new yarn and, whew, boy, was it exciting.  I can’t wait for it to arrive.  My cousin Lloyd and his wife Arlana are expecting their first child in April (an exceptional month to be born, I must say – good choice on their part) and I have decided to make their new daughter a Baby Surprise Jacket, but with a different colorway than Gabby’s jacket.  Here is a picture of the yarn that I bought.

Click on the picture to see other colorways in this WONDERFUL cotton yarn.

Now, image a little baby girl.  She will most likely have an Asian look to her (Arlana is of Chinese descent), have dark hair, dark eyes and probably a darker complexion.  Won’t this be GEORGEOUS?  I thought so.

(I also picked up a skein of this in sock yarn…I’ll be known as the “matching cousin”, but I don’t care, it was too good to pass up)