it is done

Until next time, that is.  I finally finished the paper that was due today (and with 15 minutes to spare before I must start work) and I must say “WHEW!”  That was a little close.  I can now safely plan to knit this morning conscious-free of any slipping of grades due to inability to manage time.  I am behind in my reading, but that can wait until later.

I’ve been kind of curious about this thing called The Rockin’ Sock Club offered by Blue Moon Fiber Arts for some time.  Every time I go to their “registration” page it is closed.  I guess you have one chance to sign up for the year long festivities that are offered.  Now that registration is open, I can take a small peek inside.

They sell sock kits, 6 per year, that include enough sock yarn for a pair with specially made yarn just for the club, the pattern for each sock, Dyer’s notes and a small plethora of other odds and ends.  It seems like a really cool thing to be apart of and considering that the designers are some well-known names I could probably get consumed by this.  Except for one thing.  the $230 fee.  If it were broken down in to $40 increments, I might get on board.  But I can’t do the $230 up front.  Too bad, so sad for me.

But as to sock yarn – they have some really, really cool skeins of yarn.  I’ve been oogling some of them for a time now and one of these days I just may purchase me one.  Of course I do have to finish the pair that I’m making, and then finish the other pair that I’m making, and then start and finish the other pair that I’ve bought yarn for first.  But it is nice to have goals, dontcha think? 

I’ll be knitting on my socks at lunch.  Toodles!