I decided to do this Friday post a little differently.  Here are some numbers that are floating around in my head.

The number of socks that I am currently knitting.  Not pairs, but socks.  One pair and then half of another pair.  I discovered yesterday (Thursday) that the PAIR that I am knitting actually fit my feet.  I have been very concerned about this and I’ll tell you why.  I am knitting them toe up and did not take into account that at the point in which I need to do the heel thingie, the foot is actually bigger in circumference that when you cast on for the toes.  So I was concerned that they would not fit, but they do.  Not only can i get them on, but you know what?  The HEEL is exactly in the right spot.  Amazing!

TWO (2)
The number of pictures that I’m going to show you of my Mom’s shawl below.  This is the Rusty Clapois, which I finished knitting at exactly 11:38 PM, December 31, 2008, which means that I get to include it in the final count of finished projects for last year (not that it matters because I only finished, like, 2 projects the entire year….).  Here are the pictures.  Enjoy.

Mom Wearing Rusty Clapotis

Detail of Rusty Clapotis 

(It must be said that my Mom was upset that I put her in direct sunlight and that it caused her to squint.  For that, I make a formal apology, although, I think the picture turned out well, and for that I don’t apologize.)


SIX (6)
The number of Bible verses that I need to do the following with: 1) translate from Hebrew into English, 2) parse all the verbs (indicate the tense, person, gender, number…), 3) do some sort of structural analysis of, 4) do some word studies of interesting words in those six verses and 5) determine 3 interesting exegetical problems and write a one page summary per topic – all to turn in by Wednesday.

NINE (9)
The number of chapters that I need to read for school.  Three are for Monday and six are for Wednesday.

The number of times that I wish during the day that I could sit and knit instead of work. (This is an average.  Somtimes it is more and sometimes it is less.)

ONE BILLION (1,000,000,000)
The total number of hours that I’m going to add to my sleep deficit this semester.  (I’ll accept thatThe number could be a little high.)

TWO HUNDRED FIFTY (250) (and change)
The amount of money I’ve saved this month by not eating out.  Amazing.  I was in the habit (in the long ago year of 2008) to stop by some sort of fast-food place and “pick something up” in a hurry, but I decided that I would not do that this year.  That’s like….$3,000 a year.  Now I can seriously consider buying that MacBook that I’ve been salivating over.

ONE (1)
The number of times I called my Mom this weekend to discuss with her how to make Chili.  Since it usually takes at least 5 phone calls every time I decided to make something, even something as simple as Chili, I thought this was pretty good.

The number of pounds that my niece, Gabby, weighed at her 6-month check up.  I keep telling my sister that she should be careful of what she asks for.  When Olivia was born, she was so long and skinny that Kristin kept saying, “I wish I had a chunky baby…I wanna play with some fat rolls”.  Well, now she gets to.  Also consider that Olivia barely broke 20 punds by the time she was 1.  Gabby is a sweet, quiet, and cute (even if she does look like her father) little porker girl, and I love every inch of her.  :- )


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  1. You are forgiven for the photo–at least you did not post the one of me without my glassws! Your last number is incorrect. Gabby is 17 pounds, not 27. Just remember that you, yes YOU, were 14 months before you reached 20 pounds!

  2. You know the colors of that shawl are growing on me. Please specify the yarn you used (I don’t think it’s Lion & Lamb) and how big you made it. And your mom doesn’t look squinty.

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