Kate gave me one of these for Christmas (go take a look – they’re really cute!) – it is a Socks for Tots kit.  Directions are given for either DPN’s or the 2-Circular method (which I know how to do) and I decided that it might be a nice challenge to do the socks on DPN’s.  Now for those of you who are not knitters (the horror!), DPN stands for Double Pointed Needles and you basically use 4-5 needles to knit something in the round, which is really just making a tube, which you can’t do on 1 straight needle.  Anyway, I had tried to “cast-on” and start the project over Christmas, but my brain must have been in a fog because I just couldn’t do it, so I waited until Kate could help.  Last Tuesday she did.  I case on and knit a couple of rounds.  After about 3 different “starts” (I’m a slow learner, hence the name of the blog) it finally clicked with me and off I went. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I occasionally knit in church.  Usually when I serve on Sundays and have to be in both services for the entire thing:  listening to a sermon the second time can be a little….uh….well, boring.  (There, I said it).  So yesterday was my day to serve and so off with me the socks went.  I was knitting happily along when I noticed that one of the needles had fallen out.  Completely.  So I tried to put it back in (which is hard to do) and gave up, frogged and started over. 

Except that I cast on too tightly, so I frogged a second time that day (I had previously frogged (in Kate’s presence) about 3 other times, so this was really the 5th time I’ve frogged the cast on).  Got past round one and then realized that I had mis-counted.  FROG.  #7.  Cast on again and it was too tight.  All I can say is GAAAAAAAAA!

I’m either too tight in my knitting (I don’t know if this is what makes me a “tight-wad”, but it might be close, or if it really means that I am too “tightly wound”, which could also be the case, or it could just be that I’m not a “loose knitter”.  Either way – you decide), or too loose and am afraid that one of the needles will pop out again.  So I think I’m going to ditch the DPN method for the more normal and rational 2-Circular method.  Learning one thing new with these socks will be enough.


3 thoughts on “GAAAAAAA!

  1. As a less-than-stellar knitter, it’s comforting to know that a seasoned knitter like you has trouble with DPNs. Curse those blasted things. I gotta learn this 2-circulars method–sounds more my speed.

  2. Wow, I was sitting right next to you (only separated by the wall of the “tech booth”) on Sunday and had no idea that all that drama was going on! I guess I WAS listening to the sermon…

    Anyway I am checking in to tell you that the yarn & needles for my first knitting project in nearly 20 years should be arriving in a day or so! I opted for 2 scarf projects (I need scarves) rather than diving into the clapotis thing because the yarn is expensive (but really beautiful) & I need to assess whether I can fit knitting into my overburdened life. The first scarf is pretty much entry-level, the second is lace knitting and I may need a quick tutorial to remind me how to do some things. It’s been a long time. Mind you, your American way of knitting looks different to my English method, so we may find ourselves at odds there.

    Whether I will thank you or otherwise for rebooting my knitting life, only time will tell. Happy Tuesday.

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