almost better, almost done, almost home

Today I felt minutely worse than yesterday but I’m still functional, which is what really matters.  I became, for all intents and purposes, a knitting fiend yesterday in an almost final attempt to finish my mom’s shawl.  I’m still not quite done, but I have less than 25 rows to go, so I’d say that I’m in the home stretch.  The beauty is that each row decreases by 1 stitch, so it takes me less and less time to knit each row.  I have 5 columns left to drop and the excitement is building.

I’ve been knitting on it since about 9 AM today (it is now 4:18) and I’m going to take a break and decorate some gingerbread men cookies with my niece, Olivia.  Something that I’ve looked forward to doing for 5 days now but have not felt well enough to do.  So tonight is the night.  I’ll decorate with Olivia, go to Chickalay (aka Chick-Fil-A, her words, not mine) for dinner, play with her and Gabby some, finish laundry, finish the shawl, pack and then crash.  Then I get to get up, finish packing and block the shawl – by 10 AM so that I can leave for the Airport.  At least I’ll get to leave the shawl here and ruin my Dad’s theory on knitting.  Sweet.