Dad's theory on knitting

Sad to say that I’ve been sick almost the entire trip here to Atlanta.  I guess a 50 degree differential in temperature does not agree well with my biological system.  I started getting sick on Christmas day and today is the first day that I’ve felt decent enough to venture online.  Question: if a person gets sick on vacation, does it count as vacation or sick?

So I gave my mom the SSMO on Christmas Eve, which is when we opened presents at my parents house this year.  I captured the whole episode on video but she refuses to sign the release so that I can post it online for all to see, so I’ll have to give you the synopsis.

She opened the gift and carefully unrolled the shawl (because I still had a ball of yarn attached) and her eyes just lit up.  She fell in love with the colors and actually refuses to admit that she made the comment back in August about “ew, turquoise and brown?”.  (She was laughing rather hard when she made the denial, which leads me to believe that she knows she made the comment but is unwilling to admit it.)  Her actual comments were something like this: this blue color isn’t just turquoise, it’s a dark turquoise that is beautiful with these browns and coppers….  So I’d say it was a hit.  Except that it is now the 30th and is still not finished, although I am in the final stages (doing the double decreasing now) and it should get finished tomorrow just in time to be blocked before I leave.  I suppose the fringe can wait a little longer.

The following day (Christmas day), my Dad comes up to me and says:

Dad:  So I’ve figured it out – this knitting thing.  I know what you’re doing.

Me: (with a quizzical look on my face, all innocence..) I have no idea what you’re talking about Dad.

Dad:  You’re double gifting.

Me: double what?

Dad: you give your Mom a half made shawl this year so that you can take it home and “finish” it just to give it back to her next year.  I’m on to this game. 

Me: and it actually took you how long to figure this one out, Dad?

Dad: about 24 hours.

Me: you’re not too quick, are you?  (with a completely innocent look on my face.  I can’t let him know that it had crossed my mind….)

I’ll post picures of the now revealed SSMO soon.  I promise.