um, I don't think I want to live here any more

I’ve lived in Illinois for 7.5 years.  During that time 2, count them, 2 governors have been corrupt.  Two in a row.  That’s a track record (for me) of 100%.  Not a good track record.  The latest, Rod Blagojevich, was arrested this morning (along with his Chief of Staff) by the Feds due to allegations of “tainting” the selection of the person to fill Obama’s Senate seat.  Don’t you love politics in this state?  As one friend would say —  “that’s so illinoising”  (okay, that didn’t really come off all that great, I guess you have to hear him say it.  Think of “annoying” rhyming with “illinoising” and you’ll come close).  Do you think it’s me?  Maybe I should move.

Montana, now that’s a nice state.


17 charges of corruption is what it looks like Blagojavich is getting.  And it is snowing blizard like conditions here after a night of warming rain that created a nice sloshy 1 inch deep puddle from my back door to my car, which means that it will now freeze creating near hazardous ice conditions and a nice thick layer of snow. 

Now thinking Central America.  Warmth + corruption.  What could be better than that?


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  1. Like you could move to South America and not ever get to see your beautiful nieces and gorgeous Godson (who will be 6 on 12/31, not 1/1). Thank you Carol for remembering his birthday even if Tonja doesn’t!!!!

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